New HB9ABX Antenna
12.Juli 2005

A Wonder Antenna ?
Dear OMs,
in several mails I received comments, that wonders
are physically not possible.

I never told that !

My new antenna, simply is a construction where all unnecessary losses
are prevented, and where the target is, to radiate most energy towards
the sky, into the space above the antenna.
Not into the building, not into the ground, not to burn
the power needless in loss resistances.
Most short antennas have high losses in copper losses,
ground resistance, separation currents, heated isolation chokes,
lossy traps, matching networks and so on.
I am told frequently, that the very low radiation resistance of
short antennas prevents a high efficiency.
This is absolutely wrong.
The efficiency of any antenna is obtained by the relation between
series radiation resistance and the series loss resistance, disregarding the
absolute value of the radiation resistance!
(If the total loss resistance would be 0, then the efficiency
would be 100 %).
If you manage to keep loss resistance to a few percents of
the radiation resistance, you reach a very high efficiency.

Observing all above mentioned points, that's the full secret.

With the best 73s

Felix Meyer,  HB9ABX