Contract regarding 
   Felix Meyer, HB9ABX        and    Receiver of construction guide
- - - - - - - - -    Contract text dated April 14th, 2008    - - - -  - - - - - - - 
The above mentioned antenna was developed in the years 2005 to 2008
and is also called the "RoomCap Antenna".

1. The above mentioned construction guide is the result of antenna inventor
Felix Meyer, who is the sole owner of all intellectual rights to this guide and
antenna design.

2. The receiver is contributing in the  project "New HF Antenna HB9ABX"
with an expense contribution. The complete development time and Know
How is not covered by this contribution.

3. The receiver has the right to build this antenna in all its variations for
all private use only. The antenna may not be handed over to third party.

4. The receiver accepts fully, the following restrictions and obligations:
4.1. The construction guide may not be forwarded to any third party, and
may not be copied, whether in full, nor in part, nor in its content, without
prior written permission of Felix Meyer.

4.2. During a QSO no constructional info may be communicated. Only
the following antenna info may be communicated: Length and diameter
of radiator, capacitive, vertical radiator, ROOMCAP, HB9ABX, SWR
values, and the technical data as given by the section "Technical
specifications" in the construction guide.

4.3. Any commercial manufacturing and or marketing of this antenna is
not allowed, except under prior written permission by Felix Meyer.

5.  All communication results, comparisons, and measured values as
SWR and field strength may be freely communicated and published.

6. Validity duration of this contract begins with signing the contract
acceptance document, and terminates with the written contract
termination by Felix Meyer.

7. This contract is valid world wide.

8. Both parties agree that the laws of Basel – Switzerland  govern
this contract. The Parties consent to the jurisdiction of such courts
and waive any right to assert that any such court constitutes an
inconvenient or improper forum.

To 4.1: Printing of the construction guide for personal use is allowed.
To 6.  : All limitations and restrictions of this contract are removed
with termination of this contract.

Felix Meyer, Roggenburstrasse 13,   CH-4055 Basel, Switzerland