New:  9th.January 2017         
Update of construction guide: Varylink for 60m
, available as Update-ZIP.
Here the analyse of 60m Roomcap.
>>>  And important Infos about varylink.

To obtain send me a Email with callsign and date,
when you obtained the original construction guide.

Best 73, Felix, HB9ABX

Earlier Updates:
Roomcap-Update of the construction guide:
13th November 2014

earlier update: read also!

The construction guide is written better in the area
of Varylink and RFA!       and: important points to be observed !!!
Some dimensions have changed, and
many pictures show the construction much better!

The new UPDATE 2014 (incl. 2-gen version) is available from me.

In this update Nov.2014 the follow subjects are covered: (with many new pictures)

- Multiband-Antenna 8 Band, 10-80m 2nd Generation   = Update 13.November 2014
     - with Varylink and RFA explanation
  - alternative construction without hot  
-  new Varylink for 20m
      -  Better description const. RFA
      -  Installation on house roof

- Field measures for comparitions

- Better sources

- Prove of the efficient of Roomcap as PDF file