Magnetic Loop Antenna = MagLoop, Small Transmitting Loop
Copyright (c) 2000, 2003, 2005, Felix Meyer HB9ABX
Update: March 8, 2003,  Dec. 17.03, Jan 5,04, ...  October  18th 2008 /


Updates: Dec.24, 2004: New feeding system = ABXKOPPEL   
                    Jan.1, 2005: Control through coax with ABXKOPPEL
                          Jan.1, 2005: Description of tuning  procedure in operation
   April 14, 2007: Magloop for 160m at HB9MTN

The complete project description of the magnetic loop antenna
 with design program and important enhancements is available.
The program allows to enter the frequency, power, loop-diameter,
diameter of conducter, and calculates the required capacity,
resulting voltage, current, bandwidth and efficiency.
Built in year 2000, for bands for 10m to 80m.
Furthermore, the new System ABXKOPPEL is described, offering
lowest SWR over the frequency range.
If you are interested in this article with construction guide
please read this.

Interest: See the comparition between ROOMCAP and Mag-Loop antenna here.

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