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Dear OM,

many thanks for your request of a technical article or construction guide.
Due to the following happenings, I have them no longer freely  available on the Internet.

Since more than 50 years I am experimenting with electronics and antenna constructions.
In 1963 I built my first magnetic loop antenna.
After studying the Maxwell equations I had a new idea in the year 2004.

Based on this idea I built a new antenna in 2005 for the 40m band, of 1.5m length, and
published the results by Packet Radio and in the Internet. Then, I obtained a number of
negative critics from OMs, telling that such good results would not be possible, and that
I would tell ridiculous stories to the HAM radio community.
Disregarding such comments I continued the project, developed new versions and made
comparisons with all other antenna types I had access to. I further published the results,
even so experts with  much (and no) antenna experience told me to be a fool.

This remembers me to the story that happened with aviation pioneers. When they tried
their first vehicles, the world was laugthing, and the experts wrote, that  this would be a
pure nonsense ...  yes, today we know, that a Jumbo with 500 passengers never will be
able to fly, and that the experts told the full truth ...   !!!

In the meantime I built this antenna from 10m to 160m, where the radiator of the 160m
version is just 3m long, and all versions are providing incredible good results.
(See ant--abx-e.htm ).

For the project RoomCap I spent up to now over 1400 hours. If I would calculate this time,
a price would result in an unaffordable amount for radio amateurs. The result of this project
is given under the contract to the interested HAMs worldwide, without covering anything
for my own effort.

In the last time, many critics were written, some from people with EE degree and even
professors of universities (!), where the facts are completely reversed and the arguments
totally wrong. Written by people, who have never seen in function or
having measured
this antenna.

All this made me change my position regarding publication of my work.

My technical articles (construction guides and valuable information), which I
published since 10 years freely on the Internet are no longer available on my

Technical articles are sent by Internet, after obtaining the corresponding amount.
The amount can be payed by one of the following ways:
- Through Paypal   (  to email address " felix-abx @ ")
- Sent in a letter (wrapped into paper)
- Personally here in Basel (after appointment by phone)
- per Bank (Migros-Bank), but with charge from abroad:
Migros-Bank: IBAN CH72 0840 1016 8260 6890 7, (


The construction guide for the RoomCap antenna can be ordered according to:


Each one who wants the construction guide has to sign a NDA (Non Disclosure
Agreement), and has to make a contribution to the RoomCap project.
This contribution is: 100.- CHF,
(Only in Swiss Francs CHF, select CHF in
the Paypal Menu for payments, Paypal makes the currency convertion from
your currency)
Payable as written above. No further charges apply.

(See for contract and confirmation): Here the contract, here the confirmation form.

Above conditions are valid during 90 days from the date indicated below (Ed:).
Enhancements and improvements to this antenna are made from time to time. These
updates are distributed free of charge to the owners of the guide in form of  e-mails.
The owner of the guide has to request the updates according to the update-link in the
construction guide.
The NDA also applies to all updates.

The RoomCap construction guide is mailed after obtaining the contract acceptance
document, and completion of the payment. Guide is sent via Internet (as ZIPs).

I thank you very much for your comprehension

Felix Meyer, HB9ABX
(My the other projects are availabe at sfr. 10.-/ project)

Address:   Please see here   

Ed:  26th June 2018

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