Roomcap in the Internet                            
27th Nov 2010                                

In the Internet, you can find the RoomCap Antenna (= RCA) in many different locations.
I have read many of them, and found that they contain  many funny texts. There are descriptions,
that bear the name Roomcap, but they have nothing in commen with my RCA construction.
Then, there are publications which resemble very much the original, but they contain small,
but very important errors.
Small details of the construction may be decisive for the correct function of the antenna.
I have measured, that disregarding of small details, transmission loss of 8 to 10dB results.
This happens e.g. with an inappropriate ground connection.
Applying the grounding rules, which are important for normal GP antennas, lead here to
a terrific deterioration of performance.

You may even find some "experience stories" and bandwidth graphs, which are the result
of wrongly built constructions ...

Of course, you can transmit and receive with a "faulty" Roomcap, by renouncing to the
possible efficiency  of this antenna. In practice, it is nearly impossible  to prevent, that
any wire is radiating somewhat ...
And: A low SWR says nothing about the efficiency of an antenna. Important is however,
where the input power is going to.

Each one has to decide, what he wants.

Felix  HB9ABX

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