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REVOLUTION: Ni-H reaction as "cold fusion" or "LENR"
        may solve the Energy Crisis ! E-Cat HOT (2013)
see details below under "Cold Fusion".
           >>> ENERGY FUTURE - Nickel Hydrogen: 11th Febr. 2014 <<<

            We all need energy for heating, light, transportation, food, industry etc..

            The total population growing rate is about 80 million people per year
            (see SAVE THE WORLD).
            Accordingly, power consumption and demand is increasing.
            With the today's type of energy production (mainly burning
            of fossil materials such as oil and coal) a very strong contamination of the earth is
            caused, which damages the atmosphere of the world and threatens the living
            conditions for humans strongly.
            A new type of energy production is needed urgently, which is not
            causing damage to the environment.
            The nuclear power as produced in existing atomic power stations is not
            a useful alternative, due to the risk of accidents (e.g. Chernobil),
            and on the other hand, large quantities of strongly radiating waste is produced,
            which threatens the environment over centuries or thousands of years.
            A solution must be found by new energy sources.

            Many different ideas of alternative energy are found in the  FREE ENERGY,
            e.g. Cold Fusion, Vacuum Energy (= ZPE Zero Point Energy), magnetic energy.

          In Basel the worlds first geothermal power plant is in construction (2005). In 5000 meter
            below the surface the thermal energy of the earth is used. The power station shall
            be in operation in 2009 and serve for 5000 households electrical and thermal consumption.
            Due to some small earth quakes and misinformation of the population, the local industrial
            company IWB stopped the project on Dec 20th, 2006.
            A unique chance to demonstrate a new energy source has been missed!

            -  CREGE Switzerland  

            - Geothermal Power Stations in operation world wide:
             - Systems here  

             - in USA   
             - in Australia
             - in  Japan 
            -  Project as it was planned in Basel  -  until IWB Basel stopped the project...

          FREE ENERGY
            Different products of free energy generators are already patented and have been
            demonstrated, but usually they disappeared in often mysterious ways. As
            example I would like to mention Nicola Tesla, who already demonstrated a
            car, powered by free energy around the year 1930. He is the inventor of the
            alternating current technology and thereby revolutionized the electrification.

            He also invented the radio (before Marconi) and much more, but he was
            exploited by Edison and his laboratory was blown up. Thus he withdrew from
            public and took his free energy secret into the grave...  He was an ingenious
            spirit, submitted over onehundred patents, which influenced the technical development
            until today.

Tesla Laboratory Wardenclyffe, Long Island, NY

         Some further articles over Tesla:
         Nicolas Tesla summary
         TESLA Books
         TESLA Monument

            One find in this area many similar examples, but this is also a field for chiets,
            who promise much, take cash and never supply somewhat useful.
            This might be the case of RQM (Rapperswil, Switzerland) who is offering
            and selling electrical power generator systems from space energy,
            but up to now could not deliver a single working system ...
         Homepage of RQM


            In March 1989 the chemists Pons and Fleischmann announced a
            cold fusion reaction producing excess energy at a international congress.
            Many universities and large companies then  attempted to duplicate this process.
            They usually arrived at the conclusion that the announced results are based on
            erroneous measurements and interest the cold fusion (CF) practically disappeared.
            But some researchers have continued research in CF and they succeeded.
            Now it seems that the scientific proof for the "cold nuclear reaction"
            is furnished!

            Here again some people intended to make "fast money", as e.g. Dr. Nelson
            Camus, borne in Chile, who lives in California. He sold a conversion kit, which
            promised the use of a mixture of 10% gasoline and 90% water to drive a car,
            based on a Transmutation process. He found many buyers, which bought a conversion
            kit for more than 1000 US Dollars - nevertheless the gain remained only with the Sale ...

            The cold fusion technology (CF), also called CANR (Chemically Assisted
            Nuclear Reaction) or TRANSMUTATION , despite large financial
            expenditures only smallest amounts of excess energy was proven. But the start is made

         Cold Fusion Resource Guide and FAQ
         Cold Fusion - proven technology
             >>> ATTENTION (7th March 2012, Update 22.Sept 2013)
A new product was created on the basis of Nickel and Hydrogen composition,
using a cold fusion process. The reaction is called LENR = Low Energy Nuclear Reaction

New generators are now offered for output power of 1 Kilowatt to 1 Megawatt,
based on research work
done by Prof S.Focardi and Andrea Rossi.
See basic document from 1998: large excess heat production
The name of the generators is E-Cat.
2013: Hot E-Cat as tested by independent group in 2013 here:
E-Cat Hot

read the FORBES report!
Read more in the following links: Fusion Revolution and E-CAT.
And further, the Project from Defkalion, the HYPERION, also working
with the Ni-H  LENR reaction.

However, there are doubts about this technology, but I am personally
convinced, that this way will bring a big step forward in the
solution of our energy crisis.

Science today knows only the hot nuclear fusion at abt 100 million degrees C. This process
shall be used for future energy production. In the south of France a reactor is in construction,
which shall reach this temperature to produce fusion energy. The project cost of ITER amounts to
over 16 billion Euros, and is financed by several industry nations. The first operation using
Deuterium and Tritium is planned to begin in 2027, until then the cost will be about 20 billion,
as in the year 2005 the estimate was at 5 billion ...!
> Upd 1. Jan 2019
The project ITER is further delayed, and the cost of the Project is higher than 16 Billion Euros. 
The delay is more then 6 years, and about 2 Billion more needed.  Here new stories here  and
40 Billion Euros more   here    here .

In my eyes ITER a a complete nonsense and waste of money.
The solution is here: Energy through NI + H2 with LENR!
(I can give help, if required)
>>> See the Energy Future here , 11th February 2014

            In a laboratory in Finland reported, that apparently above
            a fast rotating, superconducting disk a 2 percent weight reduction took
            place. With the help of this phenomenona energy can be produced.
            In addition, this would be an ideal " drive " for spacecrafts.
         Description of the gravitation reduction here
            Apparently NASA is conducting large research projects in this area.

            The ZPE is a mysterious force, which comes from the vacuum. It is called
            CASIMIR EFFECT named after the Dutch physicist, who forecasted it in 1948.
            In the meantime this could be proven and many ideas for free enrgy are
            based on this effect. See here 
         Description of Casimir effect
         ZPE-Energy by Dr.Puthoff

            A large number of experiments were performend with
            magnetic energy and/or a combination of electrostatic and magnetic effects.
            A very interesting project in Free Energy was the TESTATIKA,
            also called Swiss ML, which produces an output power of 1 to 3 KW accordingly
            to many eye-witnesses. The working principle was never released, but there are
            some different possible explications.  Here the details as described by Paul E. Potter.

               Further descriptions are found here:  At  
            The developer, Paul Baumann (Methernitha), writes Thestatica. He was the leader of the

            swiss association METHERNITHA (
            However, a persecution of the inventor began, and as a consequence, the develpment
            team of the Testatika decided to stop further public information on this project.
         Picture of 1 KW generator
         Testatika report 1999

            Some projects are described by Don Kelly: Interesting energy machines

            The above mentioned examples represent only a short outline of the developments and
            tendencies, which lead to a new technically usable energy source.
            Indications are that we shall have soon a generally usable
            New Energy Type power generator which is a big step forward
            for the preservation of the environment of the world.

            In order to reach this target we must give up the old "school thinking" and
          be open for new ideas and pursue them with intelligent experiments.

                                         GOOD SUCCESS

         Tom Bearden, various files
         Th. Bearden, further articles
         Institutes for new Energy INE
         Anti Gravity: The Podkletnov Effect
         Overunity page of Stefan Hartmann
         Experiments of Jean Louis Naudin 
         New Energy Physics by Dr.Harold Aspden

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