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                                 Felix Meyer,    11th February, 2014
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This will change our future

A new kind of energy production, a process called LENR
(or LANR), which is a physical process in which hydrogen
reacts with nickel or palladium, is creating the energy.
This process produces a very high quantity of energy,
which is chemically not possible, and only nuclear reactions
are able to generate such high energy levels.

(LENR = Low Energy Nuclear Reaction)
(LANR = Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reactions)

For a long time the "cold fusion", published by Pons and
Fleischmann in the year 1989, was scorned.
The tests to verify cold fusion were all negative, and therefore
science rejected the possibility of "cold fusion".
New scientific experiments of the last years however
revealed, that this process works, and recently there were
different presentations, where Kilowatt and Megawatt
of energy was produced in nickel hydrogen reactions.

Nickel is one of the most common metallic elements on earth,
and hydrogen is easily produced by electrolysis of

From 1 liter of Ni-H one can produce about the same
amount of energy as from 1 million liters of mineral oil.

Here a few relevant data:

University Bologna  (Dec 2012 and March 2013)

Energy of 160 kWh was produced in a test of
116 hours duration, while the consumed energy was
only 35 kWh.

Lectures at University M.I.T.  held by Prof. Hagelstein
and Dr. Swartz, 27. to 31. January 2014 about
Cold Fusion, where experiments and data was presented
of tests carried out with palladium/deuterium where
energy gains (COP) in the range of 2 to 20 were shown. 

E-CAT 1 Megawatt   30.April 2013
A container, producing 1 Megawatt of thermal power was
shipped to a customer. The container is composed of 106 reactors,
each one with 10 kWh power, working together in a system. 

19th. September 2013: 
STM Microelectronics, one oth the worlds largest semiconductor
companies, submits a patent to produce energy by LENR process:

10. Oktober 2013    
LENR Cars, Switzerland

Submission of a patent to produce energy through LENR :
LENR reactor to produce thermal energy, then thermoelectrical
converter to obtain electrical energy, and finally the electric
motor to drive a car.

30th. December 2013:
Brillouin Energy Corporation = BEC
BEC developed a hot water boiler based on LENR technology.
They soled now a production licence to Korea for 750'000 USD.
Half of the amount was already payed.
Korea will start delivery of this product in  2015.

24th. January 2014:

Industrial Heat, LLC, North Carolina
acquired the rights from Andrea Rossi (Italy) to produce
energy reactors. They spent 11.6 million to obtain the rights.,_LLC

These are just a few important things that happened recently
in this subject. Now it becomes clear, that this technology
will be used in the future.

What are the consequences?
- Thermal power stations burning gas, coal and oil
  can be replaced by this new energy system.
- Radiating nuclear power plants will become unnecessary.
- Large power lines will disappear, as the energy will be
  produced at the location where the energy is needed.

- The energy price will fall drastically.
- Destruction of the nature, caused by energy production
  will be terminated.

Beginning in 2015, such energy generators will be available
in the market
First, to replace the oil burner in a central heating system,
and later, generators which deliver electricity for home
and industrial use.
(Electricity can be generated by steam engine generators
and thermoelectrical converters which are right now
in development).

Interesting Update::

At MIT University (place nr.1 of the world best universities)
the "cold fusion" (= CF), that was debunked as incredible and
impossible by Prof M. Swartz, shortly after the spectacular
announcement of cold fusion by Pons/Fleischmann.
The young professor Swartz received the mission to debunk CF
and to declare its faults, and exactly this professor teaches now,
that CF works, and that the arguments of debunking were wrong.
He was working together with Prof. Peter Hagelstein and they
carried out a lot of experiments, where they learned, how the
process works.
Their interesting statements and the full lectures about CF
from Jan. 27 to Jan.31, 2014 are now available in the internet.
Everyone interested in the details, what are the conditions
for a successful LENR reaction, should see the following videos:
- Important statements why COLD FUSION works
- Here all lectures from 27.-31 February 2014 at MIT
- Its worth it to spend the time!


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