Diplexer HF + 6m / 2m + 70cm

Felix Meyer HB9ABX
Update May 27, 2003 / Oct 8, 2003 /  10.12.2018

The following DIPLEXER separates the following bands:

- HF and 6m on one side (= 0 - 52 Mc).
- 2m and 70cm on the other side.
It allows the simultaneous operation of 2 different equipments (HF and VHF/UHF) over one coax cable,
or the use of 2 antennas of the corresponding bands with one coax cable.
That means, you can operate on HF and listen or transmit at the same time on VHF or UHF,
all through the same coax cable.

It is also suitable to connect a 3 band antenna (uhf/vhf/6m) with the
antenna connectors of a transceiver as IC-706, FT-100, or TS-2000 transceiver.

The following data was measured at 50 Ohm input and output:
-  Attenuation of the other band is very high (over 60 db)
-  Insertion loss is negligible (less than 0.2 db).

This technical description with circuit diagram, construction guide, and adjustment
procedure for proper operation,
together with a list of providers for the required components.

If you are interested in this article read this.

        Here is the diagram and constrution guide (in archive.org):
      -   diplhf6m-vuhf.html  

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