My Thanks 36 OMs                                                     

9th November 2009                                                                                                                                                        

The OMs in the following list have given me a great support
during the initial development phase of the RoomCap antenna:

DB1RBA Rainer Buckowitz
DF1OY Friedrich Fabri
DL1EEW Winfried Vogt
DL1SWB Dieter Weber
DL2SAT Peter Burr
DL3MCT Aristos Panatos
DL3SAT Siegfried Pietsch
DL5GBL Rommy Baumann
DL6AF Alfred König
F5ABI Bruno Menestrey
F5UAF Jean-Claude Seguy
F/N4SPP Frank Doerenberg
G3DUZ Barry Froggatt
HB3YEO Gebhard Schmid
HB9BPP Samuel Wirth
HB9BXS Sergio Borghi
HB9CBW Hans-Rudolf Huber
HB9BWV Daniel Hofstetter
HB9DTP Peter Baumann
HB9MGY Waldemar Saladin
HB9KBG Gaston von Glutz
I0SKK Alessandro Santucci
I1SU Silvio Cerati
I4JXH Leonardo Maselli
IK0ZIO Claudio Moscatelli
N3HKN Richard Boley
OE1VZ Werner Hochgoetz
OE3DSB Gerald Sadlo
OE9FWV Werner Furlan
ON6WB Albert Dewarrewaere
ON7ARF Paul Huyghe
PA2L Arnold te Raa
W5DKK John Hunt
VK3FIS Blayne Bayliss
VY1GP George Privett
-OM- Robert Schunemann

That was in the time from July to December 2005.
This was very important for me, and has contributet to the success of the
project, as in that time many critics judged the project as impossible,
and told that my first reports were a lie ...
The received feedback from the builders of this HAM antenna refuted them
and confirmed fully my reported results.
Therefore I want to thank all listed OMs for their confidence and support!

With my best 73s from Basel

Felix HB9ABX