Roomcap THEORY  Remarks 3                                                                             
15.July 2014 : UPD                                                                                
Felix Meyer HB9ABX                                                                                    

Remarks about EZNEC Simulation of G5RV

This question I ask: Why obtains the G5RV (and similar types) so good
results with the EZNEC simulation ?  

Compare the results of the signal pictures from RBN obtained:
Here G5RV: Antenna hight = 12 m above ground

Here Roomcap: Antenna hight = 1.5 m above ground

Here a NEC simulation of G5RV (= ZS6BKN): Horizon diagram
Antenns in 12.2 m above ground

G5RV : 100% efficent !
(according to simulation)

G5RV - Vertical radiation diagram

According to the simulation: 6.21 dBi = 4.11 dBd

And says this the result in reality ???

My question:
What for such a nice simulation, if the
real operation brings so bad results?

Here I say again: Popular joy

Info about the antenna: 

Here the dimensions of the G5RV antenna: