Felix Meyer
update 27th May 2003 / details July 27, 04, ... , upd. 22.8.07/ 23.6.2020

  What on this side you see the "old" mobile antenna.
  Go to  here  where yo see the the new ROOMCAP antenna.

    This is not the new HB9ABX HF antenna.

    I developed this antenna around 1990.
    The new antenna is found under "NEW HF ANTENNA from HB9ABX"

    This mobile antenna is designed for all HF bands  from 10 to 80 meters
    an proved to be very efficient in my travels in South America on
    15 and 20m for contacts to Europe and within South America.
    The antenna is my own development.
    Compared to commercial HAM Antennas the performance was
    always much better, due to the larger size and lower loss in coil.
Comparing with the Screwdriver type antennas always resulted in 2-4 S-points
       advantage in favor of this antenna!

    In field tests we compared 3 different mobile antennas, all at the same    
    location, at the same time, each one with 100 W power.

    The 3 antennas were:

    - HUSTLER mobile antenna   (10 - 80 m)
    - YAESU ATAS-100                 (10 - 40 m)
    - HB9ABX mobile antenna      (10 - 80 m)

    In all tests the signal of the home made antenna was by far the strongest!

The complete construction guide, containg all pictures and mechanical data is available.

This guide is available without any cost.


Here is the construction guide (archive.org):
-  antmob-e