For all antenna unbelavers
22. Sept. 2005

From: DF8WI @ HB9EAS.CHE.EU (Michael)
To:   ANTENN @ WW 

Hi to all people interested in antennas.

Some weeks ago I have visited Felix HB9ABX in Basel. There I could
see his new antenna in reality, and I can tell everybody that it
works fine. We have had some QSOs on 20 meters early in the
afternoon, the band was quite empty, but the stations we could
hear could been worked. In most of the cases the reports we got
have been stronger than those we gave. Felix has shown me everything
and so I can confirm here in the public that there is absolutely
no mistery. Of course Felix has not told me the secrets of his
antenna, but the problem he described in his last mail shows
that he is doing right in holding back the construction manual.
Obviously it is quite critical to build this antenna!

73 de Michael