Tests in Chile 2006
16th February 2006 / 18.2.06

During January /February antenna tests were performed in Chile.
The previous Chile tests in September 05 in Chile were not successful, therefore
new tests were planned.
The tests were performed on two bands: 20m and 40m.
The 40m antenna was the first one built now, the version with the top capacity.
The installation was in Maipu, suburb of Santiago, on a 2 floor building with
clay stile roofing.
Result: The antenna could be adjusted as in Switzerland to SWR 1:1 and
gave excellent commnication results.
At the beginnig with a bad surprise: The full band with broadband QRM, at S9
level which made receiption nearly impossible.
The cause was a switched power supply of a DVD player, which first had to
be denoised. Here the procedure to denoise this type of QRM.

Then followed the construction of the 20m antenna.
Also this one worked perfectly from the beginning.
With this one I had contacts from Iquique (1500 km in the north) to tierra del
fuego (2500 south), to Argentina, Buenos Aires, north in Argentina to Salta
(LU9OY = Asusena), where I received during 3 following days the strongest
report in a round a several LU stations.
Unfortunately there was no nearby local station to obtain comparitive reports.

Then came the trip 1000 km to the south, Enterlagos (near Osorno), where I
installed a 2 ele Quad 18 m above ground, and the "new hf antenna" for 20m
on the roof, 8 m above ground.

On the 6th of February the new antenna was QRV for the first tests.
The quad was still in construction. TX = TS-50, 100 W PEP.

Logbook: 6.2.06  in Entrelagos, 100 W PEP, 14 MHz, Antenna = RoomCap
Call              Time(CE)    hrd  /    rcvd      Name          QTH                                              
XQ1KY        0920            59        59        Pato            Iquique                 
LU1JPF        1345            57-7     57-9     Raul            Conception 400km N Buenos Aires
LU1MKF      1435            58        58        Eduardo      Mendoza
LW7HT/m    1905            55        58-9     Alejandro    Jujui
LU5DBX      1908            58        59+10   Felix           Vancial/Buenos Aires
CE1VBH       1915           44        57         Marco         Calama
LU1GBO       1940          57-8      59+40   Alberto        Resistencia/Chaco
VP8LP          2017          58         59         Bob             Falkland
KB9YG         2025          55         57         Alan            Indiana

The following days I was QRV from 0700 to 0800 (CE) on 20m, as I expected at this time
Australia and Europe.
On the 7th Febr. first contact with SP4R in Balistok with 55 / 55
On the 8th Febr.   VK4WT in Ravenshoe with  57 / 57
On the 11th Febr. VK4WT                      with  57 / 57
                           VK4JAO Arno nr.Brisbane with 55 / 55
                           UR5HAC Jura, Ukraine    with  56 / 57

Peter Island Expedition: Call =  3Y0X   http://www.peterone.com/
From February 8 to 18th, the DX-Expedition Peter Island was qrv.
The station was always called by many stations from all over the world.
On February 12th I called short with the new antenna and 100 W:
At the second call the station replied and confirmed the contact.

On the 12th Febr. the Quad was running and comparisons between the quad (18 m high)
and the "new one" at 8m height could begin.
During QSOs with Germany, Switzerland and Australia comparitive tests could be performed.
Here it was noted, that the quad outperformed the "new" as expected.
I also had a linear amplifier (TL-922), and the result was, that the quad compared with the "new"
was like Quad with/without linear, or in other words, quad without liner was equal to
"new" with linear.
Without linear, the power was 100 W PEP.
With linear, the power was 1200 W PEP.

Unfortunately, the conditions became so bad, that from the 13th on, the signals from Europe
dropped about 3 - 4 S points, as compared to the days from 7th to 11th of February.

Working with quad and 1.2 KW I was just audible, so that a real comparison between the
2 antennas was no longer possible.
On February 15th I had m last QSOs, then I had to remove my antennas to contine my trip.

quad-vertical antenna
Picture Entrelagos: Right : Quad; on the roof (right) = 20m RoomCap antenna, left (big) = 2m antenna