RoomCap rocks in Utica, Michigan, USA                                      
                                          7th. April 2011                                                                                                                                                                                             


Adam, AC8CE built several versions of the RoomCap , and he made some modifications to remotely
change the bands. Then he sent me the following email:  

I have successfully built 5 band roomcap antenna, 15/17/20/30/40 m, with remote band change.
The band change is a brisk, it takes up to 30 seconds to tune the antenna to the desired band and
it can be done from a radio room at any weather condition.

How this antenna works?  One word: *fantastic!*
I have made 135 countries, 70 on 40 m, 94 on 30 m, 68 on 20 m, 61 on 17 m and 24 on 15 m.
Most of my QSO are dx's.
On 40 m: Australia, Algieria, Ascension I., Asiatic Russia, Bahamas, almoust all EU, Hawai, Lebanon,
Mauritius, Rodrigues I., Senegal, Brazil, Venezuela, Greenland just to mention a few.
On 30 m: Australia, Algieria, Bahamas, Chile, Asiatic Russia, almoust all EU, French Polynesia,
Hawai, Rwanda, South Cook I., Samoa, Senegal, just to mention a few.

Again, my congratulation to you Felix. *Roomcap antenna rocks!!*
I wish you good health and fast recovery from your illness. Best 73.
Hope to here from you soon.

Adam Filip

Now he added his antenna to the Internet on the following address:

There you you can see how it looks.


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