Roomcap : QRV on 4 Bands                                                                             
5th. February 2014                                                                                    

A few minutes QRV on 10/15/17/20 m

In addition to my report from the 12th October 2013 I was today again a few minutes on the air
from the car on 4 bands and I have below the documentation of the reports received:

- first the map showing the reached locations:

- and here the reports received via the RBN network:

My station was the following:
Transmitter = Kenwood TS-50S in the car
Power = 100 W
Location = Parking place in Basel (as seen in the link on the next line)
Antenna = Roomcap 2nd Generation (1m x 1 m)

         On the following link you can see, if I was QRV today in CW from the car:
                                                                             >>>   HB9ABX-CW <<<
                                                                             set "rows to show" to 100 !