Roomcap Antenna 2nd Generation                                                                                       
5th.December 2012 / upd 3. Jan 2013                                                                                      

An impressive demonstration

The antenna in operation between the houses of Basel on 40m 
on the 5th.December 2012 in the car
in connection in WINMOR at 09.50h with:
ROME : IK0OXK-5 on  7045    report  5-9 to 5-9+10db
Bern     : HB9XQ-5  on   7047.5  report 5-8
Oslo     : LA3F         on    7048.5   report 5-8
and this middle in the houses as seen here:


The radiator on the roof of the car measures 1m x 1m (light fence).
This as demonstration of the efficiency of this antenna,

Roomcap 2nd Generation
(Update 3.Jan 2013)
with the following improvements:
- the thick radiating tube disappears
- the bandwidth of the antenna improves
- the radiation efficiency is further improved
- easier to transport
With  measurents on 20m it was concluded,
that the efficiency is over 92 percent!

The principle was remaning the same: