2 weeks Chile: 3. to 15.Sept 2005
16.September 2005

The last 2 weeks I made a trip to South America. I was in Santiago de Chile.
There I spent 3 to 4 days with the construction of the new antenna, which I wanted
to test in contacts to Europe on 20 m.
First, I went to the market to buy all required materials and components, then
I used the same construction as in Switzerland.
Result: ZERO !

I could not obtain any resonance of the antenna.
The cause has to be with the type of material. I took samples of the material
home and will test them in the next days to find out the cause of the bad result.
This shows, that the construction guide may not be handed out before all types
of materials are tested in order to assure, that only suitable material in the
correct manner will be used.
The construction guide has to be in a way to prevent any wrong material and
wrong handling.
The result of this investigation will be part of the construction guide.