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                                               29th.January 2011/ Update 30.3.2011                                                                                                                                                                                  

Here the Website from Tiado:  


Roomcap experience … frustration and success

Tiado, DL9PB intended to build a Roomcap antenna. His first tries were frustrating and he
began to doubt ...
On January 14th, 2011 he wrote me the following e-mail:

(translated from German)

Hello Felix,

here I am again. My vacation is over and I had to work this week.
Now I just found some time to test again the Roomcap. Now I even could hiss the antenne above the roof,
however, it is not working at all as I desired. Will dismantel the antenna and begin with the 40m Roomcap version.
So far I built the 20-30-40m version with a movable aluminium foil.
I just tested with a station in Saarbrücken.
Using a 10m long wire directly from the transceiver without coax, and tuned with the internal tuner of my
Yaesu equipment I got a report of 9+ from the other side. When using the Roomcap I only received a S 5.
There must be something wrong ...
Now it is raining. Maybe water in the antenna ? I don't know ...
You know, I ordered 2mm dia copper wire instead the 1.5 mm dia. Does this change anything for the
40m monoband version ?
Best regards and have a nice weekend


I answered him and was asking some specific questions.
Then, several mails were sent back and forth, as some misinterpretations did exist.
Today, January 29th, I received from Tiado the following e-mail:

Hi Felix

Your Roomcap invention is really fantastic. Today I have been qrv on 40 m.
A contact with London. After that my QSO partners have seen the antenna in QRZ.COM, they
can't beleave it. 9+20 in London. Other stations with much larger antennas and more power had
the same reports, or only 9+.
Also when calling USA I was always successfull. Before, using my dipole, I had problems to hear
at least something from there. I am very delighted and I am advertizing it by telling, they

just have to look in Google, where they find all about it ...

A big advantage I note is, that this antenna receives less noise. The frequency is much more clear.
That's all for now. I just had to get rid of this message.
Best regards,


I think, this is a really interesting experience, Tiado made here.
Don't you think so ?


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