Roomcap  2nd Generation: even more ...                                                                                      
28.July 2013 / ... / upd 15.May 2015                                                                                   

More and more!

In April I could write here, that with this radiator of 1m x 1m  four bands can be worked.
Since yesterday there are 8 Bands, as now also 
  are now included:
And with an SWR of 1:1 on each band, and a so far never achieved efficiency for short antennas.
On 20m the efficiency is 92%, on the higher bands even higher. 


I could test the the capability of this antenna yesterday. Within 30 minutes (21.45h to 22.15h) I made
in SSB the following contacts from the car:
        ZZ2T,  Sao Paulo, Brasil
        PT7Z,  Eusebio, Brasil
        ZW8T, Teresina, Brasil
        PR7AA,    Recife, Brasil
        CX3DK,   Uruguay
        FG5DH,   Guadelupe
        EA8AJO, Canary Island
        YB4IR,    Indonesia QSL see here
        RM4HZ,  Toljatti, Wolga, Russia
        UR7EN   Ukrain, Russia
        UX1UA       "           "
        YP9L      Romania
        UT4UO   Ukraine, Russia
        EA5IC    Valencia, Spain
        J48A      Aegina Island, Greece
        5B4AIC  Cyprus
        LZ7A     Sofia, Bulgaria
All received reports were  S9, with one exception: S7

Here are the SWR diagrams for 10, 15 and 20m:

Red curve = SWR, green curve = Impedance Z

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The Update is ready!  (9th August 2013)
See here.
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See the  2.Gen. 20-30-40-80m: here