Roomcap  2nd Generation: more                                                                                      
27th April 2013 / upd 2nd May 2014                                                                                    

More about the new Antenna Generation

Instead of the thick tube (5cm dia) a lattice is used as radiator.
The radiator measures 1m x 1m (
light lattice with small wind resistance), abt. 50 cm above the roof of the car.
This radiator serves for the 4 bands: 20-30-40-80 m, as seen here:  (New = 10-12-15-17m = all  8 Bands  !)


Comparing to the traditional Roomcap, a further significant increase of the field strength in the far field,
and a significant enlargement of the bandwidth is obtained.

Here follows the SWR and impedance diagram of the new antenna on 40m: (
measured on the the antenna seen above)

Red curve = SWR, green curve = impedance Z
 (compare the SWR bandwidth with the version of the thick tube here: /ant5jan11e.htm )   

See the low SWR in the 40m band, and furthermore, the RFA (Remote Frequenca Adjustment)
allows to set the SWR in seconds on any frequency to the minimum value  SWR 1.02 : 1.
An antenna tuner is not required for the Roomcap! You can forget it.

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This antenna serves equally well as home antenna on the roof of your house.
What a difference in size to a half wave dipole, or quarter wave GP!