Roomcap  2nd Generation: QRV in CW                                                                             
12th October 2013 / upd: 16th Oct 13                                                                                    

A few minutes QRV on 15-17-20m

Yesterday I was QRV from the car on 3 bands and have this documented here:

Operator desk in the car (with little space) with VIBROPLEX paddle and ETM9COG keyer

The transceiver of HB9ABX/M on the back seat of the car = Kenwood TS-50S

This is an extract of the reports received in this test

You can see a more complete log here. The callsigns can be clicked, and you will obtain
more information about the corresponding stations.

All this on the parking place, abt 200m next to the house where I am living.

QTH of HB9ABX/M: On the left the place where I transmit, on the right the street where I am living.

Here you can see the station from the outside:  HB9ABX/M 

Upd 16.Oct.13: On the following link you can see, if I was qrv today with Roomcap in CW:
                                                                                >>>   HB9ABX-CW <<< 
                                                                                   set "rows to show" to 100