14th December  2005

Some OMs wrote wrote, that my new antenna is "only a capacitive antenna",
and they mean with that, that it is radiating equally bad as the known antennas
EH and Microvert etc.

This is not the case.

If they would take the time to read carefully the texts they would learn and
understand, that the new system is providing SIGNIFCANTLY BETTER
RESULTS than all known capacitice radiators.
That means: 10 to 20 db stronger radiation than the known systems!

But who has not the time to read and study my texts carefully will not
understand this.

I even wrote the explanation (partly), why my system is more efficient,
by listing the weaknesses of the other systems.

Furthermore, I can let you know that especially the VARYLINK is
contributing a big part to the improvement of the efficiency.
How the VARYLINK is built is part of the construction guide, and also
the other methods how the weaknesses of the other systems are overcome
in my design.

My I draw your attention to the fact, that the project contribution
(with receipt of the construction guide) is only foreseen until
end of December 2005.

If one wants to know really, what results the NEW ANTENNA is
able to bring, one has to take the time and read carefully the complete
test reports, together with all the referenced items.

This will help one to understand the new dimension of antenna efficiency.

For this I wish you all the best.

Felix  HB9ABX