RoomCap Live Demonstrations
29th October 2006  UPDATE 12th Nov 2006

On October 28, the largest HAM Radio second hand trade fair of Switzerland
took place in Zofingen Surplus Party.

Next to the entrance to this fair I demonstrated the RoomCap antenna in  operation
on 20m and 40m.
About 40 OMs participated in this live demonstration and could experience how
the antenna works, and obtain a short introduction to the principle of this antenna.

zofingen 2006
                                                Zofingen 2006: Demonstration 10:00 h

zofingen 06
                                                        Zofingen 2006 : Demonstration 12:00 h

The next announced demonstration of the new HF Antenna took place on
Nov.11 in Windisch at the Swiss-ARTG annual meeting. A number of HAMs could
touch and see the antenna, and follow my explanation of the functional principle.
Then we made the on-the-air demonstration on 40 m.
We contacted Karl, DL4HRH (550 km distance) and received 9+20db signal report.
Renato, HB9BXQ was at the same location and called Karl with the same power,
using the fine Hustler Mobile antenna. Karl reported 10 db stronger signal for the
RoomCap antenna.
Between different mobile antennas strong variations in signal strength in the range of 
3 S points is common, depending on the construction of the antenna. The experts count
the Hustler mobile antenna to the top performers.
Here follows a picture from this demonstration:

windisch 11th Nov 2006