RoomCap 80m SWR Bandwidth
7th November 2006 / UPDATE 14.April 2007

Sämi HB9BPP installed his 80m antenna on a flat roof of a building at about
25 m above ground. (Radiator length = 166cm + top capacity).
He measured the antenna SWR bandwidth curve with an antenna analyzer MFJ-269
and made an Excel sheet.

The frequency for SWR 1.0 is set in seconds to any desired frequency of the band
by means of the Remote Frequency Adjustment RFA (this is a feature of the
Roomcap Antenna). That means, that SWR 1:1 is obtained over the full band.

Here is the XLS-presentation

Here is the PDF-presentation

UPDATE 14.4.07:
Here is the installed antenna at HB9BPP as picture.