RoomCap as Super CB Antenna             
  Upd:20.Dec 11 / 22nd November 2011                                        

The following E-Mail received from Peter, USO-79 in Stallikon (near Zurich):
(translated from German)

Dear Om Felix


It took long, but now I can present you my RoomCap antenna, see picture below.

I can say clearly, that this antenna is absolutely "super". Now I can talk with stations, that
I never heared before. 

I hope you feel well, and I wish you only the best


with my best 73s




Then I asked Peter, what type of antennas he was using before. Then he gave me this answer:

- Solarcon A-99,  ( = lambda 1/2)

- GPA 27,           ( = lambda 1/2)

- Tagra M27 Marina, ( = lambda 1/2)

- CTE Spectrum 200, ( = lambda 5/8)

and a really special antenna from  Winkler in Germany:

- XA 2000, 8.5 m, ( = J-Antenna, 8.5 m long)   XA2000 

and more.     

There were quite good antennas in his list of other tested types.
Very interesting.

Upd. 20.Dec 11:
Especially intersting are the  Dimensions of this antenna:
- the four grid planes measure 40 cm x 40 cm
- the active length of the vertical radiator is abt. 60 cm !

You have to note in comparison the dimensions of the other
antennas, which measure between 5 and 8.5m length !