RoomCap Comparison with Titanex        

On May 12th I could perform an interesting comparison between
the Roomcap antenna and the Titanex GP (GP 40-10
= Multiband vertical from 10m to 40m).
This antenna is installed at HB9BNK on top of his house, on a
slightly elevated location over the city of Basel.
I was driving my car 10 m beside his house and had the
Roomcap (1.5 m long radiator) installed on the car.
HB9BNK was using the Yaesu FT-1000 (200 W version) and I was
using the TS-50 (100 W) in the car.
We made several QSOs with Germany, France,  and the
Netherlands on 40m, between 13h and 14h UTC.
There was much QSB (fading) on the band, and therefore 
we made many exchanges between the test stations to allow
the other station to observe well the signal difference.
The reports we received said, that always, also in the QSB,
the signal of the Roomcap was received 1 to 2 S points stronger.

Felix HB9ABX