Efficiency of the RoomCap
29th June 2006

This question arises always:
Why can this antenna be so efficient ?

Here the main reasons, why the efficiency of this antenna  is extremely high:

- The radiation is produced by planes and not by wires.
- Use of differential, floating feeding system (with Varylink).
- Antenna offers 50 Ohm real input impedance on each operating frequency, hereby
  eliminating a lossy tuner (through Varylink and remote frequency adjustment RFA).
- Minimizing of ground currents by partial elimination of the radiation fields towards
  the ground, resulting in the flow of the radiation towards the ionosphere.
- Minimal losses withi
n the antenna: Radiation resistance in the order of
  10 times the total loss resistance.
- No radiation from the feeding coax.

This does not mean, that this antenna is better than some big
antennas, but there is no other small antenna known, which
can produce regularly such good results in comparisons.

Felix Meyer HB9ABX