Antenna measured with analyzer  MiniVNA   
  9th June 2007                                    

Today I measured two antennas with the antenna analyzer (mini-VNA).
That were the RoomCap 40m and the RoomCap 80m.

40m Roomcap installed on the car as seen on the beginning of this homepage here.

40m rc

Here you see the resonance frequeny at 7.040 MHz with bandwidth (SWR= 3) of 149 KHz.
The resonance frequency may be set in seconds to any frequency on the band, keeping the same low SWR.
This is done by using the RFA (remote frequency adjustment).

80m Roomcap on the roof built and installed by  HB9BPP

80m RC

Here you see that resonance is at 3.650 with a bandwidth (SWR = 3) of 44 KHz.
The  resonance frequency  is also set by the RFA to any frequency of the band.
This antenna is not adjusted to lowest SWR.

Felix Meyer