On 40 m : DX               

16th. Febr. 2008                              

40m DX: As CE3CWF qrv in Chile

During January 2008 I was in Chile. I intended to do some tests with the RoomCap antenna.
Unfortunately, I had to stay in the hospital, and the rest of the time in the bed at home.
However, I was able to install for one day the antenna and could test it at night. So far,
I could only test it at day time.

What a nice surprise: In the evening after 20h I began to hear several DX stations.
I heard from Poland a SP2 station, which I called once, and he answered immediately.
Afterwards, I contacted a station from the Ukrain.
Then, I heared a station from Japan, which answered after a few calls.
Around midnight I heared Florida (USA) , and also this contact was made in SSB.
Then, I heared an HB9 station (Switzerland) calling CQ during 20 minutes, but nobody
was answering him. I was calling several times, but he did not hear me. Sorry.
Then I was sleeping a few hours.

At 4 o'clock I woke up and was watching the band. There were a few stations from New
Zealand. Two stations from Auckland were talking together. After they finished I called
one of them, and he replied to me immediately.
Then, I heared a few stations from Great Britain, but they did not answer my calls.

My antenna was a 1.5 m (5 feet) long capacitive radiator, placed directly on the bricks
of the roof, and kept in place by 3 nylon lines. (No tower, and no supporting mast).
The house was a 2 floor building in the suburb of Santiago (Ciudad Satelite, Maipu),
where all houses are of the same type, in a flat zone.
Installation time of the antenna: about 15 minutes.
My transmit power was 100 W PEP (TS-50), and all QSOs were in SSB on the 40m band.

This night was a wonderful experience: On 40m so many DX contacts, as I did know
40m only as a medium range band in the range of 100 to 2000 Km.
And all this with such a small antenna.

Felix HB9ABX