160m DX with Roomcap                                                       

11th. February 2009                                                                                                                                                           

!!!    Roomcap Antenna in Puerto Rico for 160m     !!!

Milton, WP4DQK and his father Alberto, WP4L in Puerto Rico have built
now the 160m Roomcap antenna.
They terminated the construction on February 7, and their first comment
to this antenna is: A fantastic DX antenna for 160m.

They made their first experience with the 30/40m Roomcap, and then
with the 80m version, where they obtained very good DX results. See here.

To make comparisons, they have a long wire for 160m, and they receive
much stronger reports with the Roomcap.
The 160m Roomcap is only 3 m long (!), and is mounted on a mast
about 5m above the ground, and is operated with 100 W power.

On the 8th of February they made several contacts with USA, in a
distance range of 2000 to 3000 Km.

On the 10th of February they worked a few US stations and some
European stations, including G3PQA (distance = 7'500 Km).

After a short while some entries in the DX-cluster appeared, e.g.
AA1K            1822.7 WP4L         cq                     1050 10 Feb
YV1DIG          1823.0 WP4DQk       cq                     0748 10 Feb
G3PQA           1823.0 WP4DQK       CQ - tnx qso           0742 10 Feb
Milton and Alberto are very excited and they are now collecting reports
and comparison data that will be made public in a short while.

Milton maintains an own Web Site, where he publishes his experience
with the Roomcap antenna. See  http://wp4dqk.blogspot.com  (in Spanish).

Felix HB9ABX

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