80m DX success with Roomcap                                                       

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>>> Update 14th. April 2010
         80m-DXCC with Roomcap:     HERE


Roomcap Antenna for DX on 80m

After the CQWW contest of 29./30.Nov 2008 Noriaki Fujiyama, JA8CNF
from Hokkaido (Japan) wrote me the results he obtained with this antenna.

He built the antenna recently and installed it on the roof of his house.
No tower, just putting the radiator (180 cm long) on the roof, tied by
three nylon ropes.

With this antenna he obtained the following contacts from Japan (all 80m):
54 DXCC countries in 110 QSOs, with the following distribution:

Northamerica   18
Carribbean        1
Asia                26
Oceania          15
Africa              1
Europe           49

His equipment:  FT1000-MP (200 W PEP).

This demonstrates impressively the efficiency of the antenna,
and also the low angle radiation required for DX.
The pictures below show the installed antenna on the roof of the house.

Thanks Noriaki for this report

Felix HB9ABX


Roomcap Antenna 80m JA8CNF = vertical radiator with top capacity beside the Delta-Loop (10-40m)

environment ja8cnf

And here you see more of the environment of JA8CNF

Update: Dec 15, 2008:

Today I received this Email from Noriaki:

Re: CQWW Contest Log
 <cnf at plum.plala.or.jp>
Mon, 15 Dec 2008 17:47:54 +0900
"Felix Meyer hb9abx" <FELIX-ABX at GMX.CH>

Dear Felix

Thank you for an email.
I answer a question from you.

I do not send log in CQ WW CONTEST.
Because the purpose was to check performance of ROOMCAP ANTENNA. And I was able
to get a splendid result.

The participation of the contest is morning and night both in two days.

I report the information that is good for you.
I did W6CCP(Seymour) and QSO(SSB he59+ my59) at 3.8MHz on December 4.

He said.
The facilities using are long wires of 1.5KW+200m length.
your using?

I answered.
When it is power of 200W and a very very small antenna of the length of 2m.

He said.
Is it right? It is unbelievable.

It is a fact entirely that I tell you.
I was not believed first, too. However, it was correct, and your design was right.
Thank you for a splendid antenna.

Best 73
From  noriaki fujiyama (ja8cnf)  

(Distance between ja8cnf and w6ccp =  8'500 km)