NEW: RoomCap 160 m Antenna
4th August 2006/ 17.8.06

I am glad to announce, that the 160 m version is ready, and has been tested successfully.
This constitutes a new milestone in antenna technology!

The radiator measures only 2% of the wavelength and works equally well as a 36 m longwire.
The length of the radiator is 320 cm, and the test antenna was installed on my car.
Within a few seconds the SWR is set to 1.0 in the full band from 1.8 to 2.0 MHz, simply by
pressing a botton.

The last 4 nights I could test and compare this new antenna, and it was a real pleasure.
However, one must be aware that the topband 160 m is a night band. Band opening is about
at 22h, something for night fans.

The comparison was against a 36 m longwire, perfectly matched, 9 m above ground in free
environment. Both station were operating with the same power, at the same location (within 300 m).
(Thank you Sergio, HB9BXS for your preseverance!)

The remote stations gave the following reports, always after a couple of short changeovers
between our 2 stations here:

DJ5MX (Böblingen near Stuttgart) QRB = 170 km
- Roomcap is 1 S-point stronger

DJ1HS (Lauterhofen nr. Nuernberg)  QRB = 360 km
- both stations have the same signal strength

DJ8YP (Sigmaringen) QRB = 140 km
- Roomcap about 3 db weaker

DD1IW (nr. Muenchen) QRB = 315 km
- both stations are about equal

G3IMX (Isle of Wight) QRB = 715 km
- Roomcap is 6 to 10 db stronger

G0RRM (Lichfield) QRB = 920 km
- Roomcap 1/2 S-point weaker

G3URM (Staffordshire) QRB =  940 km
- Roomcap about 1 S-point stronger

+ many other stations, confirming the same result.

The update for the owners of the construction guide is ready in about 10 days.
    Addition:  (Update was performed on August 17th. 2006)


Felix  HB9ABX.