Important info about Varylink:      10th.January 2017, upd Jan 2021 HB9ABX

- the white plastic holder (below the varylink) may not be of metal
- the distance to metal parts shall be greater than the diameter of the varylink
- do not use wires to fix the varylink, instead use TESA film or insulation tape,
  or better:  VELCRO belt 
- do not forget the current balun ( = 3 Ferrite Toroid FT140-43)
- at the right side you see the wires lead to the motor, motor is inside of the gray tube,
   you see the screw that holds the motor.


The varylink has a very high impedance. The output to the radiator may have up to 200 KOhm
(depends from the frequency). Therefore, the total insulation resistance must 10 times greater than
the output, otherwise the loss goes up. (If the
insulation resistance is 10 times greater than the output,
than goes 9% of the output power into loss.)
Therefore, the
insulation resistance shall be more than 20 MOhm! Good are 100-500 MOhms!
And: On 80m can occur up to 2 cm long sparks (with 100 W output power)!

Do not install on the balcony, instead install on the roof, as you need free sight to all directions.
The Roomcap is living from the room capacity. A wall next to the Roomcap produces
a false capacity. 

See :

>>> NEW: Construction guide for 60m Varylink available from me.
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