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upd 10. Mar 2017
Since a year I was searching a memory keyer. Answer via Mailbox and homepage: No answers ... Now, I found a keyer which works equally well as the ETM9COG. The new keyer is: Ultra Picokeyer, has the size half of the ETM, and is working UFB ! Speed = 5 to 60 WPM, with potentiometer. The price including shipping is 41 USD. After 10 days obtained the kit. The time to solder parts take 30 minutes, and functioning OK. I tested with the RBN and obtained over 50 reports during 3 minutes.
Here you see the results:
Reports with Picokeyer and Roomcap antenna in the car
HERE from 15th April 2015
and the reports of today: The Ultra Picokeyer is here available: I can you only recommend 73s Felix HB9ABX

        The Manual of the Ultra PicoKeyer is HERE
     Including the full Schematic Diagram.