Story from Paul, VE3UNF    (are blue ...)                                                                                                     

Paul wrote me his story so nice, that I think it is worth to bring here again:

I am 60 years old - a retired airline pilot whom has flown all over the world from small turbo props, right  up to
the  Boeing 747 with over 21,000.0 flying hours.

I have been building antennas off and on now for 15 years at my various QTH's.
Most of the antennas I have built came from various antenna books which were mainly stealth type antennas, as
most of my past QTH's were in deed restricted locations. eg . attic antennas , hidden wire antennas, vertical
antennas off of balconies,  short dipoles with traps, the list goes on and on and I have never been able to make
an antenna that for it's size  can  perform at all, or as well as, or outperform this G5RV.

I moved to this location in Florida last year  which has an  acre and a half and was able to build this  G5RV
shortly thereafter.

After reading up on your other antennas and now this antenna. I decided to build the RoomCap  out of curiosity,
-- just to see how well it performed -- in the chance that if it did  give a reasonable account of itself, -- it would 
be beneficial to all those hams that I know, that cannot put up a very visible antenna -- as I remembered how
difficult and frustrating it was for me to just get on the air when I was in Toronto. Well, I built it and I was
pleasantly surprised.

I am going to continue to test this antenna with the G5RV  and keep recording the results irregardless of what
anyone says.

If any of these armchair electronic communiction antenna experts want to keep debunking it with their idea of
the laws of physics without reading all your theories on it--Well so be it, with their ignorance . They obviously
have thousands of dollars invested in their huge beams and don't care about the poor guys that have to live in
deed restricted  areas, who could greatly benefit from this. It would be great if they could keep an open mind
and just start listening to some of the other reports that will be coming in from other builders.

Like I said before, I have built many many small and large wire antennas only to have little to mediocre
performance. Your antenna just blew me away with it's performance.

Even though I am not an antenna expert - I know antenna performance when I see it. I don't care if it defies
the laws of physics or you have come up with some new technological break through -- it bloody works and
that's all there is to it . I really don't care if these so called experts don't believe us. They can just keep their
ignoramist heads stuck in the sand and  keep studying  and memorizing the old formulas in their old physics
books till they are blue in the face.

Thanks , -- Paul VE3UNF

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Who would like to see the pictures and to read his measures: