REMEDY of local QRM
Felix Meyer HB9ABX / 15.2.06/ Update 1.3.06/ ... / 9.12.2018 /23.6.2020

Local QRM

Frequently one hears strong QRM on the bands, which is not received from the air
but is created locally by any device in the local vicinity.
Then, we first have to find the device that produces this interference, and  then we
have to remove the cause of this interference.

Here follows the story how I solved this kind of problem:
I experienced high local noise and had to develop  a method to
reduce this type of noise.
After the corrective action, the noise dropped from S9 to S1.
Complete with circuit diagram and construction hints.

This is availabe without any cost.

Here is the diagram and construction guide (in
-   QRM-remedy.htm 

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