Correction Update of October 4th 2013
To Update Roomcap August 2013
Applies to all construction guides before October 4th 2013

1. Crossangle for antenna mounting on the car
To improve stability, you should use 4 screws type M4 instaed of 2, to screw together the
two aluminim angles, as seen in the following picture:  

2. Correction in the circuit diagram of field strength meter

In the diagram (image002.jpg) two ground connections are missing.
Pin 2 of the IC1 was not connected, and the connection between circuit ground
and tin box was also missing.
Replace the image002 in the construction guide with the image below:
And: Check pin assignment of 78L05, differs from housing and manufacturer,
          consult appropriate datasheet: 
National  TI  NEC     

Many thanks
Felix HB9ABX