Information about my health state                                                                                                       
                            update:  October 1st, 2018                                                                                                   

My illness: From 2006 to 2010
In August 2006  MDS-RAEB I was diagnosed, after I had pain in the legs and joints.
From then on, regular blood examination took place, and a permanent increase of
the illness was noted, until the state became critical.
The over 4 years each abt. month the blood new and new exams ...
No other medicine could be used, exept pain reducing pills.

As single option, in September 2010 a stem cell transplantion was carried out, which
resulted in the cure of the illness MDS, where the donor was my brother.
The announced chemo  and stem cell transplantation could be carried out in an
unexpected short time, and I could leave the hospital on September 24th.
I want to express my thanks to all, who contributed with their prayers to this good result.
However, this does not mean that all is over, there are still many possible complications.
My immun system is totally down, and has to be reconstructed during the next 6 months.
I have also lossed all my vaccination memory, and each virus my constitute a danger to life.

During the coming weeks I have to live like a hermit and have to prevent contacts with
other persons. I have to visit daily the hospital to control my state.
I should be able to answer emails and I live here at home more secure than in the hospital,
where illness germs spread around.

Update 7th October 2010
Due to complications I had to stay in the hospital since 5th of October again.
As long as I am hospitalized I cannot send any documents and descriptions. Sorry.

Update 27th November 2010
Since Oct. 12th I am back at home. Technical documents can be sent again,
and Emails can be anwered also.

Immun suppression will continue to about February 2011, and during this period
contact with other persons should be avoided, as far as possible.

Update Dec 4th 2010
Today I have to go to hospital, due to strong diarrhea.
Possibly caused by C.Difficile, which would mean 1-2 weaks stay at hospital.
During this period no distribution of documents, and may some Email.

Update Dec 6th 2010
My guess for "C.Difficile" was correct. They detected this in the hospital.
However, I have not to stay at the hospital. My treatment with antibiotica during
3 weeks will be at home, just with more caution.
Shipment of documents is again OK.

Update 2nd February 2011
Today I went with headakes, cough, and a congested nose to the hospital.
They measured the blood values and found, that the inflamation indicator was 10 times too high
(CRP over 90), and bad values of the liver (ASAT and ALAT 3 times too high).
Then they made a smear to search for viruses. Quickly came the result:
Influenza virus H1N1 or H5N1 (still in invest.). And this during my phase of suppressed immun system.
This is treated normally by antibioticas, but for me not possible, as the antibiotica would reactivate
the still present C.Difficile ...
Then they decided for Tamiflu ...
The present state is highly dangerous and in 2 days I have to go back to hospial for control.
They did not want to keep me there, due to risk to the other patients ...
therefore out as quickly as possible ...

Update 5th February 2011
Yesteday I was again in the hospital. The high CRP value dropped back to 20,
but the high liver values hold on. aaMy feeling is much better, and the headakes dis-
appeared, but there are complaints due to the liver problems.
Treatment with Tamiflu and other drogs shall continue.
Next check at hospital: 10th of February

Update 10th Febr. 2011
Today I was in the hospital for control.
The blood cells are still on their way in the right direction, the inflamation indicator is
back to normal, but the liver values are worse. ASAT is 132 and ALAT 148.
There is no explanation why, it might be a liver rejection reaction. Hepatitis was checked
and is negative. We have to wait further in the hope, that the values return back
to normal ...

Update 17th Febr. 2011 
Todays results from hospital:

The liver values are 10 times too high, as a result of a liver rejection of the new cells ...
Treatment requires a high immune system suppression dose (Sandimmune - Neoral),
strong Cortisone (Prednisone), Ursofalk and Calcium (at home).
Next controls:  18th and 22nd February in hospital.

Update 23rd Febr 2011
Now I was again in control:
The values are all improving, and that is also how I feel: much better. 
One further week with strong medicine, and then we hope that the values
will be back at normal.

Update 23rd March 2011
Again control in hospital.
Liver values are back to normal, but catched a cold and cough.
Continue with all medicines, also with immun suppression, therefore
very sensitive for all germs.
Update 30th March 2011   
Very positive result:
The result of the last examination is, that the bone marrow has a full remission!
That means, that my original illness is fully cured!
Now, only the side effects have to disappear, as the immun suppression can be reduced
only in small steps. All is on its best way !!!

Update 16th May 2011
Up and down.
With my last report I was too optimistic. One relaps follows the other.
Pain and headache caused by the high immun suppression. And the doctors do not allow
to reduce the suppression due to the danger of transplant rejection. Therefore I am
further very unstable with little ability for work outside, but with a lot of hope.

Update 4th July 2011
Now I really feel better.
Three weeks no problems, and good results of the examination.
The immun suppression is now reduced and I feel good.
It seems, that soon I will be back in fully normal condition, and I can again work
outside and do my hobby works. Wonderful !

Update 10th November 2011   
Today I was in the hospital for a complete medical check.
Most values are in the normal range, but the liver values are much too high.
They have to be controlled by a special medicine.
However, important is how I feel! And I feel very good.
Indeed my efficiency is still weak, as I become tired after short time when exercising.
The immun suppression continues on low level, but I am very happy with the general
result of the treatment. All my pain I had in the bones and in my joints have
disappeared completely, and my look is again well and healthy. 

Update 2nd December 2011
Yesterday a new check in the hospital:
The liver values went up very strong, about 10 times the normal value!
The immun suppression has to be set to maximum, and other medicine
is added. I still feel very well, but the liver defect may produce other
negative results.
Further examination follows in the next days ...

Upd. 30th December 2011
The liver values are going back, but still about 3 times too high. Still high
immun suppression and other medicine. The skin is itching in several
locations, but I am stilll happy with the course of the treatment. Such side
effects one has to accept. I feel generally well, without pain, and thats
a good thing.
Tendency: Further improvement.

Upd. 30th December 2012: unstable   
From the 2nd to the 10th of January I had to stay in bed with a strong cold.
The eyes were red that I nearly could'nt see, headache, fever, sore throat, swindly,
palpitation, weakness - all the consequence of the high immun suppression.
Now I feel again better, but still: unstable.
"Remains hopeful"

Update March 1st, 2012
The check in the hospital revealed, that all values are nearly back withing
normal range, and my feeling is good, after a period of complaint, as a
consequence of the immun suppression, which made it necessary to remain
in bed some time.

Update 1st April 2012 : good!
Now I had nearly during one month stable, good condition.
With that I am very glad.

Update 14th April 2012 : good values!   
This week I had a full examiantion at the hospital.
The result: All values are practically in the normal range, and this
confirms my good feeling. Wonderful.

Update 11th Dec. 2012
Since April I had several relapses.
In the lung a fungus appeared and had to be treated with a strong (and expensive)
medicine. This was successfull and the examination in the hospital today showed,
that nearly all values are back in the normal range.
And I feel very well!

Update May 10th, 2013

Since one month I am without immun suppression and any further medicine.
I can walk, run and climb the staircase like a jungster!
Now, we can say that my curing has terminated!
I want to thank all who have been praying for me, as this would
probably not have been possible without this help. 

Upd. 20th.June 2013
In my last report I was too optimistic.
End of May I received a lung infection and was with 40 deg fiever at the hospital.
With the help of VFEND and ROCEFINE the CRP value could be reduced from 160 to 8 within
a week. However, the lever was attacked and the lever values were 5 to 8 times too high...
Now I have a treatment with NOXAFIL and Ursofalk to reduce the lever complication.

Upd. 28th.July 2013
Now my lever values are back to normal values, and I feel very well.
I can continue my work in my projects with full strength.
Now I hope it will remain so!

Upd. 20th.October 2013
Still all in best order!
Healthy, happy and stable.

Upd:  15th February 2014
I suffered a STROKE.
I was 2 weeks in UNI Hospital in Basel, deaf-mute at first time.
After a  week, I began the hear a little, and I learned to speak some words,
and it was improving from day to day.
After 2 weeks, I could return to home to sleep and to eat, and I loved to go home!
3 times per week, I had therapy in the "day clinic", and the other days
I could remain at home.
The  logopedics helped me to learn to speak and to hear..
My woman Patricia gave me a lot of hope for better future.

Upd. 22th May 2014
Since 3 months, I am 3 times per week in treatment in therapy by
specialists, where I obtained help to improve to speak and to write.
Now I feel me so good, and I like to practive my hobby.

Upd. 10th August 2014
Continuing 2 days per week in clinic for more therapy in
speaking/hearing, brain activating and physical training.
All in small steps, but still more improving.
I feel me happy and feel me good.

Upd. 23th November 2014
After 6  month intensive therapy my state has
improved a lot!  I can speak and write again.
Indeed, I are some slower than before, but I
feel me good, and I hope, that it will remain so

Upd. 5th May 2015
With speaking still have some problems,
but I feel me good and it will stay this way.  

Upd.  2nd June 2016
My state is today is good, but speaking is
more difficult then before, this is the same
as a year ago.

Upd. 1st February 2017
No change of my state.
I still have to visit the
speech therapy
, in order
to keep my speaking/listing ability.

Upd. 1st October 2018
No change of my state,
but I do not more visit the
speech therapy

Felix Meyer